Meet the Snorts & Tails gang

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AKA Do Do's

Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 5

I am in  charge of everyone and everything, in particular my brother Arthur.


I have my daddy wrapped round my little paw and he often shares his burgers with me. 

My favourite toy is Mr Ratty, a rat teddy who I do not like to share and my favourite game is being chased by my humans.

My Mommy thinks I have no concept of personal space. I like to smell human breath, especially in the mornings. I also like the taste of ear wax and spend lots of my spare time cleaning out my brothers ears. 

I am the management here at Snorts & Tails, sadly this involves walkies. I would much rather spend my days on the sofa or protecting the garden from the cat next door.. I'll get him one day! 


AKA Artie Piggy


Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 6

Hi guys.. I'm Arthur and a proud member of the management team here at Snorts & Tails.


I love riding up front with my Mom and take the role very seriously. If people pass the van whilst i am working, I wont make any eye contact with them and just stare straight ahead. 

My favourite things in life are my tennis balls, my Mom and sister; Bluebelle (not particularly in that order).

I would play ball all day long if I could and once impressed a famous footballer with my dribbling skills.

I have a very embarrassing habit of bottom burping when I am nervous. 

I do not like having my ears cleaned out by my sister.


Aka bearded Bridget


Breed: Giant Schnauzer

Age: 9

When i was first walked by Charlotte, I was a little bit nervous but now I am confident and one of the most playful members of the Snorts & Tails gang. I just love going out with my friends, I bark excitedly when Charlotte arrives as she doesn't open to door quick enough.

Charlotte says its been beautiful to watch my confidence grow and blossom into a well socialised doggy.



I've got a bit of a soft spot for brown male dogs.

My favourite past times include eating and chasing squirrel. I also like to chase the postman, he doesn't seem to enjoy this as much. 

I'm scared of feathers


AKA Tommy the tinker 

(Tommy TT)


Breed: Poodle Terrier mix

Age:  6

A lovable rouge.

I like to escape from my human and run; especially after rabbits.

Because of fluffy body and skinny legs, I'm often mistaken by sheep as one of their own...they always stop and come to greet me at the fence bleating.

I always greet Charlotte with a great big smile (a grimace), she says I'm very cute!

I have made lots of friends at Snorts & Tails, Basil and Jasper are my best friends. 


Aka Ziggy Zigster


Breed: Show Cocker Spaniel

Age: 3

I may be small but I am very loud!

I luuuuuurve rolling in anything smelly.

I love collecting sticks and trying to get the other dogs to chase me.

when I'm really excited I like to spin, but I can only spin anti clockwise (the other way makes me dizzy). 

My best friend is my cousin Kala who is a Weimaraner.

I love playing ball with my human brother and sister and cuddling my giant panda teddy.